Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Long Live A Free Ted Nugent

If every single American had the passion for life, the respect for the constitution and excuse my language, the "cajones" that Ted possesses, there would be no need for debate as to who would win the presidential election this  November...

Below is a clip of Ted explaining  what we're up against with the four Supreme Court justices who say we don't have the basic human right to defend ourselves, and what each and every one of us needs to do to defeat Barack Obama...  It's time to "s**t or get off the pot" when  it comes to defending the American way of life and restoring this great country back to its' original purpose... A country where "ALL" men are created equal, where you have the God given right to succeed or fail on your own... Where the only thing keeping you from reaching your own potential is you... This will never again be possible if this Marxist / Socialist is allowed another four years to implement his agenda... One that creates a society dependant on the government instead of one that cherishes freedom from government and the ability to stand on its' own...

After watching the video, it should make sense as to why I titled this post "Long Live A Free Ted Nugent"... If you haven't read Ted's book "Ted White and Blue", it's a great read and may give you who have no idea what this great American is all about a better perspective...



  1. Not that I didn't know pretty much what was going to come out of Old Teddy Boy's mouth, it was certainly worth the watch.

    When he says he will either be dead or in jail a year from now if the Socialist in Chief is reelected I would be proud to share a cell with him or die with him!

    L is back loud and strong!

    Lock & Load!!!
    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  2. I'm hoping this is enough to get people fired up... I too would be honored to lay down my life beside Ted in an effort to restore sanity in this country... Mitt should consider Ted as his V.P. pick... I'm talking about making the left soil themselves... I know it's not the prudent thing to do, but it's fun to imagine...