Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Letter To Hillary Rosen

Perhaps the caption should read: "Lets insult  America's mothers"...

The following letter was penned by a dear friend of mine and one of the founders of T.N.B.C.

Dear Ms Rosen,

I address you as Ms because I know you are part of the liberated women that do not like to be called Mrs. or Miss so I will give you your Ms.

I however prefer the Mrs. as I love that title and I wear it with pride.  I am one of those stay at home moms that have never worked a day in their lives and at this point I am 62 years old so that is a long time that I have been mooching off of my husband according to you and your fellow women associates.

Perhaps a little background into what I did when I stayed home might help you to understand what we do with all the hours of the day that we are doing NOTHING according to you.

Well to start with I raised three children and was a foster mother to four other children over the years.  In the first few years of our marriage my husband worked three jobs so I could be a stay at home mom because we could not have afforded it any other way.  My first two were boys 11 months apart both in cloth diapers with no washer or dryer and no money for a Laundromat.   That was my first job as a washer woman.

Then the kids got into sports and not only did I have to take my kids to practice and games but I had to take all the working moms kids too.  That was my second job as a taxi driver.

Then there was all the illnesses and injuries’ chickenpox, strep throat, broken arm, broken finger, stitches, surgeries.  That was my third job nurse.

Then there was the volunteer work at the schools I was on the PTO, girl scouts, cub scouts.  That was my fourth job community volunteer.

Then there was the help with the homework, class activities, classroom aide.   This was my fifth job teacher assistant.

In the summer most of the moms in my neighborhood worked so our house was where all the kids hung out.  This gave my sixth job babysitter and lifeguard, we had a pool.

Then there were the Birthday parties, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and every other holiday.  We always had them at our house so that was my seventh job event planner.

Then the weddings started, the family expanded again.   Perfect little grandchildren stated arriving and surprise, surprise our son’s wives were stay at home moms.  Both college educated now they sit home doing nothing according to you.

Now I am a stay at home grandmother I am also a Soldiers Angel I bake for the soldiers overseas, I crochet and knit blankets for them, I was a Red Cross volunteer during Katrina and I am on call whenever any of our kids need any of my services from any of the previous jobs I have held while I was raising them.

You see Ms Rosen I feel sorry for you because you missed out on what life is really about.  You think that being a housewife is a demeaning job I think it is the greatest job in the world.  I just wish I had felt that way when I was young you and your type of women back in the 70’s ruined it for me and my generation.  You always made me feel like I was worthless because I chose to stay home and not go out and prove myself and not depend on a man to support me.

It was constantly shoved down our throats that we needed to be independent; stand on our own, well how has all that worked out for our children?  I would gladly put our 40+ year old children raised by a stay at home mom  , up against one of those independent, don’t  need anyone, working mom’s 40+year old  kids and see the difference.  I know our kids would win hands down for success.  I feel; whether it’s politically correct or not; children need their mother to be home raising them.  

In ending Ms Rosen while I was home doing nothing my husband was building his own business.  He became a very successful business man he traveled and was away from home almost three weeks a month.  You pay a price for success; the children would have suffered if we both had been working at his time.    He was and still is my best friend, my lover, my soul mate and provider and he has been for 45 years. 

God Bless Ann Romney I know how she has felt over the years as a stay at home mom our children are around the same age and we both fought the mean girls of the 70’s but we won and we are standing strong for the next generation of girls that choose to stay home and raise their children and not be intimidated or bullied to do otherwise.





  1. Dear S.A.M.,

    That was beautifully written and much appreciated. My lovely bride of forty plus years was also a stay at home mom until all of the children were in school. Only then did she get a part time job that allowed her to be home when our children got home from school.

    These self-centered femi-Nazis are the reason our country is on the fast track to nowhere!


    1. Just so you know, S.A.M. is her T.N.B.C. name and stands for Smart Ass Mom... We have pet names for each other, you know her as the S., the woman who did such a beautiful job making our wedding cake... I know this is going to be a real shock, but your sister-in-law's name is the anarchist...

  2. Replies
    1. Odie, it sounds rather cliche, but where would we be without moms... Especially ones like S.A.M....

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