Sunday, August 19, 2012

"2016" A Must See!!!

So, you're not a reader, now there's no excuse... I read Dinesh D'Souza's "Roots of Obama's Rage" so this information was not a surprise... Did I regret going to see this documentary? Not for one minute, this was so incredibly well done...

Dinesh compares his own journey with that of Obama's... The comparisons are incredibly similar with completely different outcomes... 

I'm not going to expound on all the details, I'm just going to say this... "You may think you know Barack Obama, but unless you've read the book, you don't really know him"... I know this sounds crazy, that anyone could still be on the fence when it comes to Obama, but if you know someone who is, take them to see "2016"... If afterwards they are still leaning toward Obama, take them for a mental evaluation... (I was going to say "out and shoot them", but someone might take me seriously, and we need to save our ammunition should this man get reelected)

"2016" just one more reason we need to...

Kick Obama Out 2012



  1. We're just waiting for it to come to a theater near us.

  2. Should we take kids age 8, 9 to see this? It is rated PV

    1. They may not comprehend what is being conveyed, but there certainly isn't any violence or vulgar language... It is simply an in depth look at the man the Obama Zombies elected... I can forgive someone for falling for his "Hope and Change" once and had the media vetted this man the first time he may not have ever been elected... Anyone who watches this documentary and votes for him again is either a complete moron or someone who wants America to fail...

  3. It was good and you are right the younger ones didn't understand but I am glad we took them. Another family adult wondered if the kids thought the film showed Obama in a good light. They came out singing "yes we can" from the video of kids in some school at end of movie and the point was showing how kids are indoctrinated in school. Our grandkids were only kids in whole place.

  4. I would also highly recommend "Dream From My Real Father" dvd as it has more facts and pictures to back up his past and affiliations with memtors.